We are living in a digital age. It’s the year 2015 and there is an app for everything! In the Google store you can find anything from apps to help you sleep better to apps that help you exercise. When it comes to travel, don’t be left behind. Here are the eight apps that are really helpful while you are traveling.

Echo 112

Created especially for travel in Africa, this is one of the most important apps to have. Echo 112 connects you to the local emergency service numbers including ambulances, fire fighters and police. It is especially important for the adventurous traveler who may get into an accident scaling Mount Kilimanjaro or rafting on the Nile.

XE Currency

This app gives you the rates of whichever local currency you are using and compares it to one you are more comfortable with. You can set the comparison currency to your home currency so that you can easily tell how much something costs without having to do all the math in your head.


If you are a frequent traveler, you must be familiar with TripAdvisor. The app links millions of travelers worldwide offering travel advice on everything from flights and travel plans to tourist sites and interesting things to do wherever you are. They also provide candid photos of hotels, restaurants and parks so that you can take a look for yourself to help your decision.


Launched in July, 2015, it is definitely the easiest way to book your hotel. The Jovago.com app is available on Google Store for free. This way you can quickly download it to your android device and find your perfect stay. Once you have the app and have booked your stay, the details are immediately sent to your email address. This beats having to make numerous and expensive international phone calls and send emails which a lot of times go unanswered.


Though it is not essentially a travel app, Instagram is a fun way of sharing your adventures with the world. It is also easy to find new places to explore by searching common travel hashtags. Equipped with the geo-tagging feature, you can easily let people know where you are, a handy safety measure for solo travelers.

Google Maps

Its important to know where you are going, when you are lost and which direction you should head and the rich detail of Google Maps helps travelers locate places and share the ratings of places. Google maps will also show you traffic and estimates of the time taken to reach a particular destination.

Here Maps

Here Maps which were founded by Nokia are useful to travelers who will be moving to areas with a poor internet connection because of its useful offline maps.


Being the most popular chat app in the world means that you will be able to catch up with friends, family and that workmates when you are travelling. WhatsApp will help you feel the gap of loneliness when you are travelling.