Kaymu Uganda will now give sellers commissions


After more than one year of free servicing, the leading online marketplace in Uganda finally decided to introduce a small commission dedicated to all sellers on the platform. When Kaymu started its operations, the company decided to offer all sellers a long free trial period in order to prove how efficient and beneficial it is for them to start selling their products online in addition to their offline shop.

Ugandan sellers were able to try out this amazing tool during more than one year and managed to significantly grow their businesses. Starting from the 1st of September every new seller has a free trial period of one month.

All sellers who have been selling successfully for more than one month will start to be charged a fixed percentage for every valid-net sale they make.
The commission rate depends on the category of the product sold:
Mobile Phones: 3%
Electronics & Gaming Consoles/ Large Appliances/ Laptops, Desktops & Tablets: 5%
Computer Accessories & Peripherals/ Books & Media/ Food & Beverages/ Home & Living/ Mobile Phone Accessories/ Small Appliances: 10%
Fashion: 15%