Google Hangouts has had a more material design update recently which has been followed up by the announcement of dedicated web portal for the chat, voice and video chat app by Google.

Hangouts which was previously available as a native Android or iOS app, a chrome app & extension and also accessible inside Gmail and Inbox will now also be accessible at The dedicated website removes the clutter involved with having to access hangouts from another service and it looks rather beautiful with a randomly changing background image but the beauty fades away when you tap a chat.

The chat popup doesn’t follow material design guidelines and it kills the impression you get at first sight. The number of chats you can have open at once really depends on how wide your monitor is and majority seem to have the ability to open up to 3 chat simultaneously.

Well if you are the kind that wants to use hangouts for plain charting without installing an extension or getting distractions then you will definitely love this.