The Namugongo Surveillance balloon


A few days ago, 3rd June to be exact; Ugandans were all talking about that balloon thingy that was floating around in Namugongo.
This sophisticated piece of equipment caused a lot of noise among Ugandans about how it works, how much it could have cost and it also made it to headlines on every single News bulletin cross the country and am pretty sure also some nearby countries were in shock as well.


Let’s get the details down for this alien that appeared a few days ago. This balloon or blimp is considered to be the best equipment for monitoring borders, facilities and army bases. Similar to drones and those spy-flying devices in movies, this balloon comes with cutting edge cameras and sensors that enable you to zoom down on an ant walking on the ground. Yes, don’t argue.
These blimps provide real time surveillance and intelligence essential for protection and carrying out tactical operations. They are made by an Israel Company called RT Aerostats that was founded in 1996.
The biggest argument this balloon raised was about how much it cost. This 2-person controlled, helium floating, high-tech camera having balloon doesn’t cost a couple of thousand shillings, not even millions of Shillings but a few million dollars about 20. Uganda isn’t broke it’s probably your head that is broke.

So, these Ugandan affandes deployed this bad boy at Namugongo and all these terrorists, phone snatchers and drunkards failed to report for business. The brave ones that managed to report for duty had their eyes locked on the floating thing in amazement. All went well; even I was there at Namugongo. There you have it folks.


  1. Gurub you’ve made ma evening!!! You are not just amazing in this field but superb!!!! Keep up buddy! Imagine! I never went there but was picturing my self drawn to ecstasy. Big-ups!

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