Cool Games running on my phone currently


Many people are heavy gamers. These mostly include games on consoles and pc.  I for one, am picking up a habbit of being a heavy smartphone gamer.  Wierd as it is sounds, it’s actually true. Today am going to share with you the games am currently running on my phone and maybe some others I have probably played on other people’s phones.
So without further ado, let’s get right in.

1. At number 1, I have a game called Leo’s Fortune. This is an amazing game that was put together by 1337 & Senri LLC – crazy name.
You have to solve a multitude of puzzles while dodging many obstacles which in a mixture of events, makes the game challenging and very interesting.
image All at $4.99
2. At number 2, I have Virtual Table Tennis. Being a reigning University champion in both table and lawn tennis, I have to be constantly training since this doesn’t come easy. VTT is so on point that you can play with another player over bluetooth or an Internet connection. This game has no stutter whatsoever. Great stuff from SenseDevil Games

3. At number 3, I have Free Flow. This is puzzle game that uses logic. You have to connect dots of different colors without crossing a pipeline of another colour. It’s really awesome since at the end of the day, it tests your IQ and improves your focus.
4. At number 4, I have Duet. A purely addictive game that has a blue and red dot. Blocks be falling from up and all you have to do is dodge them by touching on either side of the screen. It might sound easy not until the blocks start dropping while rotating or even disappearing. I finished all the free levels here and I don’t want to buy others. So I robound it. Awesome stuff from Kumobius.

5. At number 5, I have Think. This is a game whose genius interface was put together buy develepers from June Software Inc.
Here, symbols are thrown at you and all you have to do is to answer the questions and advance to of course harder challenges. If you can’t think, you can’t go past the first 10 challenges.

6. At number 6, I have Riptide GP2. This is a really nice and graphics intensive racing game. You ride on one of those speeding-boat-motocycle thingys, I believe they are called JetBoats.
You have probably seen MKBHD using it to test the display performance of new flagships. Crazy at it sounds, it does not frame-skip nor do the graphics appear pixilated. I don’t know how the guys at Vector Unit did it oba it’s my beast of a phone that has out of the roof specs…

7. At number 7, I have Nun Attack: Run and Gun This is some great stuff from the guys of Frima Studio Inc.
When playing this game you choose one of the sexy nuns and run while shooting evil beings. These evil creatures are zombies, vampires, werewolves and other spooky things. You have to jump, duck and run to pick up coins and other power ups to unlock more nuns and other crazy things.

8. At number 8, I have Temple Run 2. This is no new game on the Top Games. Well, I have played it for years but it is always throwing in crazy treats round about Holidays. During Easter for example, all the coins turned into eggs and I unlocked some bunny guy with 40 gems. It’s still on my list because am always on a challenge to beat my own high score.

9. At number 9, this spot is for Temple Run Oz. This is another version of Temple Run based on that disney story, “Wizard of Oz?” so here you will see ballons, flying monkeys and instead of evil monkeys, these creatures have wings and do fly. You have to watch your step as some routes do collapse. There are no water slides and mines here but as the game progresses, you have to unlock journies on your own. I find it a little harder than Temple Run 2 but all it needs is getting used to. Get it at only $1.99
10. At the 10th spot, I have Candy Crush Saga. So addictive it is. This needs no introduction. There are other versions by the way, I have played Soda Crash so far and some other Chinese knock off called Cookie Crash. Lol
11. At the 11th spot, I have Matatu from Kola Studios. Purely Ugandan game. This game was a mind blower when it had just been released. It inspired a lot of folks to start developing apps. Well, as for now; I think it has hit the wall in innovation. Unless these ninjas at Kola studios rejuvenate this game, it will be in the same spot or I will drag it to that little corner that says “uninstall”.
12. At the last spot, I have Logo Quiz Ultimate . So addictive in the first stages but as things get harder in later stages, it becomes really annoying, so after this post… Am going to uninstall it.

Just to throw in a few extras, Google chrome has a dinosaur that comes up when your internet connection has been cut. You can make that big guy jump cactus trees. Crazy stuff from google. Also get Maze Runner, a Temple run knock off based on that stupid movie.
Well, that’s my list… Feel free to share with us some of the games you have on your smartphone or tablet via Twitter @Guru8Tech , @Boses8 or @LastUfoundRemmy. If that’s a lot of work then hit us up on facebook.
Catch you in the next one. Peace ✌