Microsoft throws money into Cyanogen


Yes, you read that right.  The money bags at Microsoft have splashed a few million dollars into Cyanogen’s research.  The motives of these guys is not yet clear but this is most definitely coming to bite the Google boys and their Stock Android in the b#tt.

Surely, there are many ways to get back to your competitor. These guys are being referred to as minority investors who are fueling Cyanogen with a whooping $70 million for the start. This company-Cyanogen Inc. is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars as put by investors. Currently, the boys over at Cyanogen have raised about $100 million through financing and trust me. That’s more than enough money to start a war in the already boiling heat amongst the big names in the Operating System business.

Windows Phones have notably been loosing out on the party between iOS and Android. So they figured out that Cyanogen would probably shake things up with an entirely different strategy…

Reports also suggest that Phones shipped with Cyanogen will most definitely come with Bing and other Microsoft services pre-installed ditching all Google’s apps and services-pretty smart huh?

Okay despite all that, Microsoft is known for being a spendthrift-flashing money in every direction. So, this will not be a guarantee that Cyanogen will grow to ultimate success over night.

Source: Android Police