Five apps that will help you make the most of the football season


As the Africa Cup of Nations 2015 is around the corner, we’ve handpicked some of the best apps to accompany you throughout the tournament which takes place in Equatorial Guinea. Here are the top 5 apps for the ultimate football fan.

Live Score

The Live score app covers many leagues and tournaments across the world. It has extreme amounts of detail, meaning even while not watching a particular game live you can keep up to date with minute by minute play information from the game plus stats, match standings, fixtures and charts.



Bleacher Report Stream

This app is a unique collaborative publishing platform, meaning you can access all football related articles and information from football pundits, professionals, journalists, experts and many other football personalities the minute they publish them online. The app keeps you updated with all the information related to the topics you subscribe to, keeping you up to date with current and past relevant football information. The app also gives options for many other sports.


This app covers more than football, but using its emphasis on personalization one can select football teams or tournaments. With that you have access to all ESPN news, scores, videos, photos and social media feeds with the selected football content only.


This is a no brainer: football plus snacks and drinks is a marriage no one can put asunder. With the hellofood app you can order food from a variety of restaurants and have it delivered right to your doorstep or wherever you are watching the football match. By eliminating the distraction of having to cook or forge up a snack, all you’re left with is enjoying the game. It has the added benefit of being zero rated on MTN, meaning no data lost while ordering or surfing through the app or website.


Let the name not fool you, this app is every bit one of the best interactive football apps on the market. With this app you can discuss the games and view all stats, photos, news, plus animations of key in-game events minutes after they happen.


There are many apps on the market, however these are all available for free on iTunes for iOS, Android and Windows Phones, making them accessible on any devices and at no cost. Therefore any football fan can be sure to become an expert football analyst in their own right as they will be furnished with all the necessary, up to date, in-depth football information and also be delivered with food as they do so.

About hellofood

hellofood together with its affiliated brand foodpanda and Delivery Club, is the leading global online food delivery marketplace, active in more than 40 countries on five continents. The company enables restaurants to become visible in the online and mobile world and provides them with a constantly evolving online technology. For consumers, hellofood offers the convenience to order food online and the widest gastronomic range, from which they can choose their favorite meal on the web or via the app.