The Samsung boys released the Samsung Note 4 together with the Note Edge earlier this year. Well these guys are at it again. They have brought us a late Christmas gift; call it a new year’s gift.

The LTE-A Tri-Band CA Galaxy Note 4 – too much mumble jumble, right? This device is pretty neat with similar looks to its immediate brother and sister.

The only difference here is that this phablet has the ability to handle three different frequency bands simultaneously and aggregate them into a single, theoretically faster connection. Okay, all that means faster internet connections and download speeds in case it makes little sense.

Samsung says it is the first “commercially available” Smartphone with such a setup.  The improved handset can support both Category 6 (up to 300 Mbps) and Category 9 (up to 450 Mbps) LTE networks but the best part is that it can jump between the fastest bandwidths available.

That was theoretical, but in practice; the handset must have faster connections provided your telecom has upgraded to support the blistering speeds.  More to all those specs, there are reports that the beast is also packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, which is an improvement on the Note 4’s Snapdragon 805.

At the moment, the new model might not be sold beyond Korea unless telecoms improve their bandwidths. It makes little sense for Samsung to sell the device worldwide when in a country like Uganda, Category 6 sounds like Alien technology.