Kaymu fosters entrepreneurship in Uganda with Kaymu Varsity programme


Kaymu Uganda continues its commitment to online business sensitization through the ‘Kaymu Varsity’ program. Kaymu is establishing itself in the industry as a major player in the market; by launching its first series of workshops in Uganda, to help empower not only the sellers on its platform but all stakeholders, such as KACITA (Kampala City Traders Association), buyers, sellers and Government.

Kaymu Varsity aims to provide sellers in Uganda with the skills and tools necessary to start selling online with little up-front investment. With the internet penetration levels increasing in the country, Kaymu has taken upon itself the mantle to help the sellers maximize their revenues and bring their products closer to the targeted clients.

The program comprises six sessions which cover the basics of Kaymu, order processing, payment methods, logistics, social media strategy and the seller centre. As well as receiving in-depth information about the subjects covered, participants also have the opportunity to ask any questions they might have about the platform.

Mrs Marion Mbabazi Head of Seller Management Kaymu and Mr. Alvin katto Deputy Country Manager Kaymu
Mrs Marion Mbabazi Head of Seller Management Kaymu and Mr. Alvin katto Deputy Country Manager Kaymu

Since its launch in Uganda, the Kaymu community has benefited the sellers on the portal in many ways; it has improved the playing field for smaller sellers by opening up a wider market range for their products, and it has reduced their costs of operations (sellers can, for instance, stock their goods at home and sell online without having to incur costs like warehouse rent).

Kaymu also continues its commitment to innovation with the recent launch of its mobile app (available on Android and IOS), as the company seeks to capture Uganda’s growing smartphone market. Mobile marketing is redefining online shopping and Kaymu aims to be at the forefront of this innovation by providing the best shopping experience on-the-go. The Kaymu platform is designed to make online shopping easier and more convenient.