Well you must be already wondering why Samsung used such a weird name. The Galaxy Edge is practically a Galaxy note 4 spec-wise with a curved screen, screen-wise.

Announced yesterday with the Note 4, the Edge changed the way we perceived Smartphone Screens.It’s a thin beautiful phone that has a curved screen along its right Edge, the “ticker”.

The Edge is practically 2 screens in one this gives this beast the 3D kinda feel when using it. It has an identical Quad HD display identical to the Note 4 and a thin strip having icons and widgets.

In the hands, this device feels good to use. It has accurate detection so it’s really hard to accidentally activate it with stray fingertips.


The Edge by default harbours the go-to column of frequently used apps like Ruler, stop watch and weather; when in the app, the column fades away and can be brought back by a simple swipe with the thumb. The curved screen makes moving through Photos and Apps really cool plus the Animation effects that add Icing to the cake.

The camera controls are all on the curved Edge while the main Menu only has images. The curved screen also comes in handy with a black and white night-clock. This is really convenient as you can tell the time from your bed as the phone lies on the table.

Lefties don’t even wait for the Samsung release of the left-handed version. This beast can be flipped upside down triggering a 180 degrees rotation. Definitely the home button will be up but what the hell you can still use it anyway.

It also has a Stylus, heart-rate monitor, fingerprint scanner and almost whatever the Note 4 has. However, this amazing device will not have a Gear VR, not even the one for the Note 4 is compatible. The 5.6” screen phablet is powered by a 3,000mAh battery.

Besides being somewhat uncomfortable to grip, other specs are practically similar to the Note 4.

There you have it. The SDK will be out pretty soon for developers to put that curved screen to good use.

This genius piece of equipment will be available in your Samsung store in black and white very soon