The Internet is one global handshake that connects most of us, It the biggest way of connectivity today. But we have to ask our selves, where is the the internet? On what device does it reside? These are questions John Matherly answers using his company Shodan. Shodan was able to create an image visualization of the location of all devices on the internet pinged.

You will then notice that the biggest concentration is in Developed countries and Africa is almost dark, with some countries only showing a mere-small dot. The connected devices in Africa are mostly located in the capitals and big cities.

[quote_box_center]This leaves many wondering what steps Africa needs to take because grumbling about our problems won’t solve them, rather innovations from start ups, Telecoms and governments are required to extend internet access to more people in Africa. In Uganda, Google Fibre is being laid and companies like Facebook are working with ISPs to bring the dark world to the light of the Internet. [/quote_box_center]

There is however doubt it whether the proclaimed “Internet of things Search Engine”  (Shodan) was able to ping all devices since its technically not possible since some devices are hidden under NAT restrictions and some configurations on some networks do not allow external pinging.Some tweet users questioned him about Canada which appeared dark but its figures show large Internet activity.

However this image still gives us a bigger picture of the location of most internet enabled devices.