Cortana integrates with Foursquare and recommends a place for lunch


Its been a while since Microsoft released its new digital assistant Cortana. Well Microsoft hasn’t been sleeping, the developers are utilizing the partnership with foursquare after Microsoft invested $15 in Foursquare. Cortana is now tapping into Foursquare data to give users recommendations on nearby places.


According to a Reddit User, Cortana is able to pull in data according to places near you and offer recommendations using Foursquare. According to users the service now uses the Location details from Foursquare rather than Microsoft servers.

With such an enormous amount of data from Foursquare, Cortan will definately become better, the unfortunate bit is 50% of Foursquare users are from the US which means it might not be the best option Internationally considering that Foursquare doesn’t make it into Top 30 apps in Uganda for example