Google Search lets you launch the camera by saying ‘Ok Google, take a photo’ or ‘take video’


Google Search on Android has had several updates over the years witha its Google Now and voice search integrations that changed the way we search on our phones.

Previously saying ‘ Ok Google’ let you open the Google voice search feature. Today an update on Google Play lets users launch their camera app by using these voice commands ‘Ok Google take a photo’  or ‘take a video’  and ‘record a video’. 

If you phone has hot word detection activated adding OK Google to either commands does the prompt immediately but when you have it switched off you can tap the mic and then say the command i.e ‘take a photo’ 

This might making taking quick photos easier on phones on which it applies. The update might take a while to reach all users but keep checking Google Play.

Lets hope this is the beginning of more commands on Google search, imagibe saying ‘Ok Google, take a selfie’ and the front camera went on.

Source : TNW