Google Now comes to Chrome for Windows and Mac


Google Now is a service android and iOS users have been enjoying and using to keep up with daily tasks and information relevant to them. Google Now uses Cards to display weather, commutes, sports updates, forex and article updates and more.

Today Google Now has started rolling out Google Now to its desktop browser ‘Google Chrome’. Google Now will only be available for users who already have the activated the service on their mobile phones.

Google Now in Chrome

Google Now in Chrome will use location settings similar to those on your phone since its most likely your phone is near your computer. You will have ti edit your location settings if you have Google Now on multiple devices.
Some cards on Google Now are not location dependant so they will still show up.

This Chrome feature will bring notifications from users who are signed in with the same email address as that on their devices using Google Now. Notifications will show up under the cicle that shows Google + notifications.

Google lets you disable Now in Chrome, in case you are not pleased with the feature. You can disable it by unticking Google Now in the notification centre.

Google Now will follow you in Chrome, am pretty sure we’ll enjoy it.

Source: Google support (Google Now Cards in Chrome)