Facebook rolls out a redesigned News Feed


Its been close to a year when Facebook rolled out a redesign of its News Feed that they claimed turned Facebook into a personalised NewsPaper. Now Facebook has rolled out changes.

Unfortunately the now old design that was new then wasn’t liked alot. The bigger photos, separated News and black bar didn’t look so nice and wasn’t easy to use. Facebook has called that version of NewsFeed as ‘Experimental’ and it didn’t roll out to every one because of negative feedback from users which took Facebook designers back to their drawing boards.

The Experimental NewsFeed launched last year

Starting Today, Facebook is rolling out a cleaner News Feed and you will notice the unnecessary options on the left like groups, pages, bookmarks have been thrown to the bin and there are minimal options and a clear left hand side. The right was also cleaned up abit and Ads were reorganized.

The new 'clean' NewsFeed

News Feed product manager Greg Marra said “People don’t like us moving their furniture around, because you break muscle memory,” He added that the dark-themed sidebar, which collapsed into a strip of icons depending on your screen size, was confusing for most users, he said “That’s a particular design idea that looked cool but didn’t help you get around the site,” Marra says. “You don’t need to relearn anything — that was one of our big themes.”

The new look isn’t a total overhaul and looks familiar with the old News Feed with a few changes such as a large blue bar for everyone and graph search for all Those who selected English as their language.

Am really impressed with the ‘new’ look, Thank Facebook for taking its News Feed for a shower.

Source: The Verge