WhatsApp is down! Its not working now


The Messaging app is down and users can not send or receive messages and checking the system status shows that the App is actually not working. Checking the system status of WhatsApp shows that sorry the service is experiencing a problem as seen in the screenshot above.

This happens after WhatsApp was bought for $19 billion by Facebook. and addition of privacy features such as hiding when you were last seen, This update is not on the Playstore but on the official WhatsApp website.

Users in are not able to use WhatsApp on their devices and expressed their anger on social media.

WhatsApp has confirmed they are having server issues

The big question is, What went wrong

Could the app be making a server transfer to Facebook infrastructure? Or is it a technical failure. Users seem to be annoyed by the fact that Facebook a company not famous for privacy. Rival apps like Telegram picked up over 500,000 new users after WhatsApp was bought. This is definitely not good news for WhatsApp and Facebook. Users are probably losing trust in the app and a few WhatsApp users might definitely ditch the app.

Update: WhatsApp was restored after about 3 hours of downtime