Samsung’s GamePad brings extreme gaming controls to Android


The Samsung Galaxy Smartphone GamePad is Samsung’s new take to mobile phone gaming. Earlier this year Apple opened its SDK to external gaming hardware to iOS and the GamePad could be Samsung’s side of the Battle.

The GamePad is portable and doesn’t require cables or being physically attached to the phone, it connects through Bluetooth pairing. The Gamepad appears to support all Android devices that run Android 4.1 and above however this requires user’s to download the Mobile Console app which enable a user find or buy supported games. The Play button will only work on the Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Well I can hide this but the GamePad resembles the Xbox console though the overall design looks nice and might be easy to carry around. (I mean it’s a console don’t compare it to a phone).  It weighs 195g and has 2 analogs, a D pad, and 4 action buttons. Too bad it’s only available in Black.

You can dock any phone that has whose screen size lie between 4 inches and 6.3 inches and it lets you connect to that big screen HDMI enabled TV or through Samsung’s AllShare Screen Mirroring.

Just in case you own a device running Android 4.3 like as Galaxy Note 3, S4, Note II, and S III, you will be able to connect using NFC and access games using the “PLAY” button.

The GamePad will offer 35 dedicated games at launch by downloading the Mobile Console app from Samsung Apps or by tapping the Gamepad’s ”PLAY” button.

Here are a few Tech Specs

Compatibility            Android OS 4.1 more (Optimized for Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more)

Connectivity               Bluetooth® v3.0, NFC (Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more)
3.0 class 2, HID

Control keys              – D-Pad (8 way)
– 2 Analog Sticks
– 4 Action buttons and 2 Trigger buttons
– Select button and Start button
– PLAY button (Samsung devices with Android 4.3 more)

Dimensions                137.78 x 86.47 x 31.80mm, 195g

Battery                          Rechargeable 160mA

Samsung Galaxy Gamepad

The GamePad is currently available in Europe only and Samsung says it will launch the device in other market in a few weeks

Image Source: Samsung