Vine Launches on Windows Phone


The twitter, video app has made its way to the windows Phone platform. The 6 second video sharing app for twitter has beaten Facebook’s Instagram to make it to Windows phone officially. Vine which has an estimated 40 million users as of August will definitely see its users grow after the move to windows phone.

Will the abscent of Instagram on windows phone help vine? Yes and No because users who migrated fro android to windows phone already have instagram accounts, however some users will prefer using native apps and hence use the Official vine app to share shot videos. Lets remember that Instagram is majorly a photo sharing application and it introduced Video sharing 4 months after Vine did.
So the question has to be answered by the user, whether 6 seconds is better than 15 seconds.

Vine has live tiles and properly intergrates with your windows phone camera so as to keep you within the app.

vine camera vine


Now windows phone users put their Cameras to good use by getting the Vine app here