Airtel just hiked the price of Data bundles


Do celebrate if you are on warid, because marriage makes two things become one, in short both the traditionally known warid and airtel customers are now affected by the increment in data rates. We aren’t in the minds of Airtel to reason out why they have reduced the amount of data that particular amounts of money used offer. Could they have borrowed a leaf from MTN which earlier on hiked the rates for its data bundles.

This is how subscribers are going to surfer, Shs 500 will now get you 25mb not the previous 50mb, Shs 1000 will get you 50MB unlike the former 100MB, 2000 Shs will get you 100mb which was formerly 250MB. That’s a 50% reduction on average accept for the 2000 Ugx bundle which has surfered a 60% reduction.

“I don’t think anyone wants a 50% reduction in data volume… do you?

The manner in which telecoms are changing tariffs for data bundles isn’t the most amusing because they don’t announce the change in prices, you will basically find out the hard way, you load your airtime and get up to 60% reduction in data volume. Or your bundle will run out shortly and then you will realise you got less data after a reduction. The menu in warid that lets you but the data doesn’t show prices so you will probably not notice but the airtel menu is what helped me confirm this increment.

Airtel data bundle screenshot
The New Prices of Data bundles on airtel

These changes affect the daily bundles, so the only way will be able is to buy huge monthly volumes, a thing that majority of Ugandans are not willing or able to do. However despite the increment, MTN Uganda still remains the mobile phone telecom with the highest data bundles, seconded by Airtel, Orange then UTL.

This Internet trend in Uganda just keeps getting worse, even the argument of speed over price is now in question as most Telecoms are hiking data tarriffs.

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