Facebook Home adds content from Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest & Tumblr


Facebook’s launcher app they call Facebook home has now added feed from other social media sources unlike before where users only got feeds in form of photos, status updates, and messages from facebook. A feature that some liked however the app wasn’t very successful and at one point had the highest number of ‘uninstallations’.

Facebook has decided to give users more freedom by adding non-Facebook content to the homescreen alongside feed from Facebook. Users can now add feed from Facebook-owned Instagram, tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr and the same gestures from facebook feeds on home like tap to like a photo will still work for the other services. The app also shows the seen feature for the third party apps.

This news of feature was announce on Thursday and it has been availed to Facebook home android Beta, the release of the feature is higly limited but will soon be available to all. Facebook also plans to add more services to the facebook home app. According to Cnet, Facebook is also testing a feature that will brong the launcher feature in home to the ordinary Facebook application.
Lets just keep calm and wait till we can get our Instagram, Pinterest, flickr, tumblr and possibly more feed on our lockscreens.
Source : CNET