The new Blackberry Z30 is a monster of its own kind, yes, its a Blackberry


From the producers of the famous “Your Office in your Pocket” phrase, ladies and gentlemen, introducing Blackberry, and this time around, a new baby in the family, the Z30. So, what is this Blackberry going to bring to the company, more “bad luck” or good fortunes, well,lets find out,

5 inch display

bb z30

So, finally Blackberry has woken up and seen the importance of a large display and in this Blackberry 10 flagship device, they have included one. This puts it at the same level with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4 but don’t get it twisted, not in all areas! Blackberry stil needs extra time to catch up with the big boys of Android and the likes of Apple’s iOS, for Windows Phone, well, that is for next time.

Bigger Memory, Expandable, wow!

So the Z30 features a mind blowing 2GB of RAM, ys, you saw right, 2GB! Umm, wait, and yes, it also comes with 16GB of internal memory with a memory card slot, can I hear an amen from all Blackberry fans. It seems the good news of Blackberry Messenger going to Android and iOS is not enough. This is the Blackberry we have always been waiting for! If this is what was done in the beginning, right now, Blackberry would be earning a lot of profits! So, GS4, HTC One, better watch out, hear comes the Blackberry Z30!

Better cameras, faster processor and oh yes 4G on board!

The Z30 is out there to impress, so, lights camera, Z30! An 8 MegaPixel camera at the back, 2 MP camera at the front, its an “All of the Lights” moment here! So, finally HD recording comes with this monster of a smartphone!. It has been labelled the best Blackberry yet. I am just as excited as the remaining few Blackberry fans out there, but, make no mistake, this is for sure the Blackberry to get,  period!

The Hardest part,Decision Making

So, most of you have realised that actually these Blackberry folks have got something to offer and you have been convinced hands down that this is the best Blackberry yet. Well, it might be, bt is it worth the money? IF you are not a person of apps and all the fancy drama that comes with highly packed feature phones, then this one might be for you, only thing to remember checking is if Blackberry App World works in your country!