Lenovo’s CEO shares $3.25 million of his bonuses with employees again!


After a a successful year by Lenovo, CEO Yang Yuanqing has yet again, shared his annual bonus with his employees. After Lenovo claiming the top spot as China’s top smartphone manufacturer, the CEO was in a mood good enough to take $3.25 from his $14.6 million salary to about 10000 employees in 20 countries.

This is after Lenovo made $34 billion in its last quarter of 2012 and a $653 million profit. Much as he only gave close to 23% of his salary, this amount of money was enough to pay the monthly salaries of close to 85% of Lenovo’s workers in China.

Since Yang has been generous enough to give out his bonuses twice, we have to give him around of applause, 3.15 million dollars can pay for alot of “toys” any CEO would enjoy having.