Skype is developing 3D video but is limited by number of 3D devices its users have!


During an interview with the BBC explains “making its own 3D content”, the vice president of Skype Mark Gilbert said that the Microsoft VoIP team has been working on developing 3D calls.

However don’t expect to get 3D calls yet on your Skype calls because that could be launched years from now because the technology hasn’t yet reached Skype users, this would comprise of 3D capturing devices such as 3D web cams and 3D front facing cameras on tablets and phones.

Gillet confirmed that they have tested the service in their labs looking at the capability of 3D screens and 3D capture and said, “ we’ve seen a lot of progress …but the capture devices are not yet there.” , “we have it in the lab, we know how to make it”, he added.  The company does such ventures under its research programs that cost billions of dollars and they aim deeply look at the device ecosystem.

Skype says that the full HD video will be available on Tablets and laptops before it goes to the smart phone because the higher-level processing it requires.

Let’s wait for the future and see our video calls in 3D. For those who prefer the present can see be able to use HD video chat on Hangouts that were wrote about earlier.