Messaging service Telegram has had the iOS versions of its primary app, as well as its parallel app, Telegram X, pulled down from the App Store as of yesterday – and it isn’t yet clear why.

It’s possible that Telegram’s apps were removed by Apple for violating its policies, or that the company itself pulled them off the App Store for some reason. Or perhaps the app was meant to removed in particular countries only but it was taken down for everyone.

The only clue that we’ve spotted so far is Telegram’s blog post from yesterday announcing the launch of Telegram X for Android. It’s essentially a complete rebuild of the app with an entirely new code base, revamped interface elements, and improved performance. Perhaps the iPhone versions of its apps are undergoing some major changes?

A Redditor posted in this thread discussing the disappearance of the apps, Telegram’s support team noted that this wasn’t intentional, so it might be an issue that the company will have to resolve with Apple.

We will keep you updated when the secure chat clients are returned to the app store.


Source: TNW