Recently, we reported that online taxi hailing app Mondo Ride will be launching in Uganda to join the already competitive market that has Uber, Taxify, Friendship and Quick Taxi. Mondo Ride a multinational online transportation network company founded in UAE by Troels Andersen and based in Nairobi, [Kenya] is set to come to Uganda with even a bigger bang.

The Dubai-based Romania-founded company, which will be launching soon in Uganda will be rolling our both a taxi and boda boda service. The service will allow its customers to request for either a taxi or motorcycle, seeking to cash in on their growing popularity due to their ability to manoeuvre through traffic.

Motorcycles have become highly popular mode of transport in major cities because they navigate through traffic jams much easier and faster than cars. With the coming of SafeBoda, commercializing the Boda Boda has gone ahead to attract the likes of Taxify and reportedly Uber set to launch theirs soon.

Mondo seeks to connect passengers with nearby drivers and ensures getting a ride within a short amount of time, as well as, guaranteeing safety and comfort for the passenger. Mondo Ride is available on Android and iOS. Mondo continues to expand across Africa, connecting friends, families and communities.