Whenever a smartphone company announces a new device, the arguments amongst most people these days are always “how many more megapixels does Phone A have over Phone B” or“how is Phone A selfie camera better than Phone B camera in low-light situations” and so on. They mostly don’t argue about how heavy or lightweight the phone is-it’s mostly about the camera.

The Camon series from TECNO which is remarkably recognized for changing the selfie game in the smartphone industry today, has over the years released some outstanding smartphones with out-of-this-world camera specs.

The next Camon smartphone which is rumored to be dubbed the TECNO CAMON CM, will launch pretty soon (date, time and location not yet confirmed) and it is rumoured to flaunt not only one of the best Camon selfie camera but stomachs an extra feature that will revolutionize the selfie business in the first quarter of 2018.

Tecno’s latest handset, which is rumored to flaunt a massive screen of between 5-6-inch Full Screen, will actually hit the shelves this year and very reliable industry analysts were able to confirm the full meaning of the abbreviation “CM”, which they said is called the C-More- which literally means “the see more smartphone”.