In October last year, we reported the news of Taxify Launching in Uganda, and the list of various offers they’re rolling out to customers as they seek to solidify their existence in Uganda.

Today, Taxify has again slashed their prices by 10% after doing so exactly a month ago when they slashed their prices by 25% in early DecemberIn an email sent to customers today, Taxify noted that they will give a 10% discount on prices starting today.  “We are pleased to announce a 10% discount on our prices from the 4th of January.”, read the email. 

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The fares as explained below will be effective starting 4th January and we can’t ascertain whether the initial 25% discount was only meant for a limited period of time. The new rates in Uganda Shillings are;

  • Base fare: 1,000
  • Per kilometre: 750
  • Per minute: 110
  • Minimum fare: 4,500
Above are some examples of trips with the new pricing.

In Comparison with what Taxify was initially offering, customers biggest fear of price hiking on services begins to sink in slowly has once the affordable cab guys around the city slowly sets in new rates for rides. Taxify never ceases to disappoint their drivers have they promise to compensate them with a bonus to ensure the earnings remain strong and not affected by the change in pricing.