In the opening of the CES, the year’s biggest tech show, that is happening in Las Vegas will usher in a completely different feel from self-driving car tech all the way to wowing are huge TVs. Like really big ones.

Samsung has unveiled an enormous 4K TV measures 146 inches and uses Micro LED technology to produce its picture. The Mega TV that Samsung is calling The Wall is “the world’s first modular TV.” according to Samsung. The wall has a bezel-less design that Samsung describes as “module-based. The Wall uses Micro LED technology for a picture that rivals OLED

Micro LED shares many benefits with OLED; each microscopic LED can emit its own light — no backlight is required — and that creates the deep blacks and lush colours normally reserved for OLED sets. It also gets incredibly bright.

Up close, the edges of each module making up The Wall were visible under bright lighting, but they’re indistinguishable when there’s content playing on the screen. There were sample MicroLED panels on hand to get across just how minuscule the RGB pixels are, as well.


Source: The Verge