Jumia the biggest e-commerce platform in Uganda has come into the New Year with a little more shrug and higher price tag after the giant online store ‘ridiculously’ increased their delivery fees by about 3 times the former price.

Jumia is promising to provide its customers with the best-in-class shopping experience at every step of the way and assure that all due precautions are taken so that packages are delivered to you intact and on time. Jumia in a bid to enhance the delivery experience, reviewed their shipping fees starting 1st January.Jumia now will charge users up to UGX 10,000 to deliver their goods rather than that the usual delivery fee of UGX 3,000 within and around Kampala. For those that will collect their goods from the station, they will be charged only UGX 1,000.  Below are the new price breakdowns;

Shopping online in Uganda steadily had its ground solidified last year and with more options springing up but Jumia continuously set the trend and the bar high. Like Jumia normally does it, they have not pushed the increase in prices on their various social media platforms as this is one of their strongest medium of communication. However, some users affirm to have received emails of the planned increase earlier.

They further broke down the charges and explained that the delivery charges will depend on whether the product is small, medium or large. Below is the breakdown of which product qualifies to be a small, medium or large product;