Taxify Uganda’s latest entrant in the driver hailing business has yet again slashed their prices in a bid to solidify their existence in Uganda. Taxify this morning announced a 25% discount on their prices that will make moving around the city more affordable for you.

“We are pleased to announce a 25% discount on our prices that will make moving around the city more affordable for you” noted an email sent out to customers. The new Taxify fares are not so different with the usual ones they had but have significantly slashed them by at least 25% for riders. Starting today, the new fares will be as below:

Base fare: 900

Per kilometre: 600

Per minute: 100

Minimum fare: 4,000

Taxify has further given their drivers an assurance that they will be compensated and thus the slash in prices will not affect their earnings in any way whatsoever. “We will compensate drivers with a bonus, therefore, ensuring that their earnings remain strong, and are not affected by the change in pricing”, they noted.

There have been incidences of riders complaining about a sudden surge in prices from the expected estimate and this has sparked off a number of rants on social media. However, Taxify has once in awhile come out to clear the air about this momentarily. COuld this have caused a further slash in prices? We wouldn’t know any better. For now, let’s enjoy the slash in prices.