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Are you inspired by the animations and designs in Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, or any other video game? Have you considered a career in game design? The video game industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with thousands of companies all over the world. However, there are many people who want to embark on the same path as you. Therefore, you will need to do your best to outshine the competition and bring your A-game. To get you started, check out these survival tips on how to set foot on the right path.

Starting on Your Path

The first thing you will need to get hired is a college education. Getting into an accredited college animation program will be a great boost on your resume. It will get you noticed by potential employers and also build you a great portfolio to attach to any application. You will learn all the skills you need to be successful in the field as well as keep up to date on the latest gaming software and tools. Through your schooling, you may also get some great opportunities to network and be exposed to important career placement opportunities.

Start with These Schools

It may be overwhelming trying to find a school with a good design program. However, put your mind at ease by checking out some of these animation schools in the United States that are known for having a good reputation for sending their students to good design jobs. A degree from any one of these schools would jump start your career in the gaming industry.

• Full Sail University
• California Institute of Arts
• Ringling College of Art and Design
• Savannah College of Art and Design
• The Art Institutes
• University of California, Los Angeles
• Carnegie Mellon
• Rochester Institute of Technology

What Degree Should You Get?

You will want to pursue an education that will give you exposure to both 2D and 3D animation so that you are well-rounded and able to work in any dimension. There are generally four types of formal design training you can get: certification, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree. You will want to pick one that is in line with what you want to do with your career as well as where you stand now. A certificate will require about 17-18 credits and will offer you a glimpse of the game designing world.

However, if you already have an animation or related art degree, you may want to get a certificate in a specific field such as video game design. Otherwise, an associate degree will offer a more rounded education. If you want the full extent of a game design education, you will definitely want to obtain a bachelor’s degree. You will learn everything you need to know and have the credentials of potential employers.

Later in your career, you may want to go for a master’s degree to sharpen your knowledge and make a little extra money. A master’s degree in video game design will also teach you core skills such as management, production, and logistics of gaming.
It’s important that you set yourself on the right path if you wish to become a successful game designer. Your education is a key measure of success and will open the door to many possibilities.

All you have to do is enrol.