In today’s world, you will find that lots of people are using an android phone; in other words, you can say that in this entire world most people prefer to use the android based OS device. Thus people have started to make the Android phone as their primary device.

People use the device to capture their personal snaps, video and other document related stuff. Therefore when you plan to sell your mobile device to your friend, closed one or someone unknown it becomes very much necessary that you delete your personal information.

Most times it has been noticed that even after deleting it or formatting it you will still be able to recover the data, thus it turns out to be a bad result. Hence it becomes utmost important you choose a reliable data erasing tool like SafeWiper for Android to delete the data, this app will also ensure that the data becomes unrecoverable. It uses crabbily powerful algorithms to erase data from your Android device making sure no one can recover anything even if they wanted to.

Features of SafeWiper for Android

There are lots of features that are present in this app, more benefits you will know only when you start using this app. Some the features are mentioned below:

  1. This app will help you to delete the entire data that exist on the phone. This app will work far better than the factory reset one, moreover, it will help that your data may not get recovered anytime.
  2. It guarantees to wipe everything that is impossible to get recovered.
  3. Wipes out the entire files that are highly confidential files and folder from your Android device.
  4. Delete App Data – If you want to delete only the data related to the app then you will have to select this option. It will scan the data and will pop out in the lift side corner. Preview it and delete which you think that you don’t want to share. While using this feature there is three securities level and you will have to choose only as per your convenience.
  5. It is available on both Windows and Mac platform.

SafeWiper for Android Working

SafeWiper makes use of the best algorithm so that your data completely transform into unrecoverable. Downloading and installing this program will help to remove all files to the military standard. The best part of this program is that it not only erases the data rather it overwrites the deleted area of the memory with the junk data. With this fact, you can say that if someone or the other wants to recover the data from the Android memory then all that he will get is junk. This feature makes it the best to use the SafeWiper. If you want to learn that how can you work with the SafeWiper then there are certain steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do is download and then install the program on your system whether it may be windows or Mac, and eventually run it. Henceforth try to connect your Android phone to your personal computer with the help of the USB cable. If this procedure fails then you must switch on to the next one.


Step 2: If the earlier option has not worked then you will have to enable USB debugging on your device. To enable the option, you will have to go in the developer options that exist in your device and over there check the box of USB debugging.

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Step 3: Your phone should be detected by program now. You can simply choose an option from the given 3 deletion techniques like Erase All Data, Erase Private Data or Erase App Data. Then thoroughly scan your phone with the tool, preview the items and erase them permanently from your device.


If any moment you desire to restore the previous setting then all that you need to do is factory reset. This will help to restore the setting that was present before and will also wipe everything that exists on the internal memory. Moreover, if you want to remove data from your SD card then you can do that also. But let me tell you that after factor reset also it is possible that you may get the deleted data but by making use of the SafeWiper it makes it completely unrecoverable.