You can do better than ties and shoes as gifts for men this Christmas season by boarding on the tech train. If you are in the market for a Christmas gift for your tech-savvy husband, boyfriend, son, brother or buddy, then you are in luck as this year has been home to many exciting options that came through.

Even if you can’t afford a Galaxy Note 8, the wide range of gizmos will have you covered at every angle. Breaking down those many a gift to fit your budget is a daunting task, lucky for you, we have turned the web over to get you some viable options that will excite most kinds of guys. Ready to A+ your gift buying for him this Christmas? Let’s get started.

Apple Watch series 3 Nike+

If you really care about his health, then this is the perfect gift you can give him this Christmas. Apple is known for its ahead-of-the-curve innovations and this smartwatch is no stranger, it got the best of everything Apple. With the ability to operate phone free to track popular activities and a whopping 18 hours of battery life, this watch wears dog tags of a real fighter. The watch 3’s built-in heart rate monitor will track cardio activity. The altimeter will track elevation if he’s running up a hill. GPS sensors measure distance, speed and route are taking. Adding to the long list of goodies, its waterproof up to 50 metres. You are sure to be in the loop with your performance with this stylish sports oriented offering from Apple. Opting for a cellular model enables him to answer calls and send texts.

Bluetooth Handsfree car kit

The future is wireless. This wireless Bluetooth car kit it a saviour from tangled wires that could disrupt during driving. You no longer have to reach your smartphone to control music or answer a call. Connect your handset to this car kit and your good to go. It comes with FM transmitter capabilities, reads TF cards and U Disk, and dual USB ports for charging in the car. These are available at Kilimall and cost between 35,000 UGX and 60,000 UGX depending on your choice.


Xbox One X

For those who live with a gaming nerd, how about upgrading that ancient console with a gift from our friends at Microsoft? This is a new dawn to the world’s most powerful games console. It may look a little like  Sony’s console, but the Xbox One X outdoes Sony’s PS4 Pro on almost every level. Under the hood, the One X follows the habitual bump in processing power, running an 8-core 2.3Ghz processor, 12GB DDR5 RAM (which is shared between GPU and CPU) and 6 TFLOPS graphical horsepower (PS4 Pro only has 4.12). Backward compatibility means you can choose from over 300 existing Xbox titles. Microsoft decided to be sensible with this. Business as usual. The console supports UHD Blu-rays and Dolby Atmos. We’d suggest he doesn’t put it out of the box at least until after Christmas though. Once its out, its game on!!


Surface Book 2 by Microsoft

Surprise the guy that does most of his work on a laptop (if he’s a blogger like me or an office guy) with this Microsoft brand new ultimate laptop. Its five times faster than the original Surface book. The battery life is a whole 17 hours of uninterrupted use. This assures a whole day of use and charging it overnight. The most affordable one comes with 8 gigs of RAM and a 2.6GHz dual-core i5 processor. This can tackle most tasks thrown at it with great ease. Give him a Christmas to remember forever.


Sony Cyber-Shot WX220.

It’s the ideal gift for the adventurers. This point and shoot camera are packed with tech to immortalise every second of your man’s adrenaline-fueled antics. Whether his capturing footage of his gym works out, or a picnic with the kids on a family day out. It offers a lot for its price. Specs include 10 times optical zoom (with up to 20 times digitally) and HD video capture. It can also connect via Wi-Fi or NFC, meaning you have a camera that is easily linked to your PC or tablet. You can also consider buying Nikon D3400 DSLR, Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II if you can’t get ahold of the Sony Cyber-Shot WX220.

Apple AirPods

The rate at which headphone jacks are disappearing is scheduled to skyrocket. Major manufacturers have already released flagship devices that don’t feature headphone jacks. For iPhone and iPad users, AirPods have become the audio outputs of choice. Honestly, they are not cheap. But hey, you’re buying for someone really special. So it won’t hurt if you splash out some cash on them this Christmas. There is a whole list of alternatives to the insanely expensive Apple AirPods.

Other considerable mentions include wireless speakers such as the Sonos Play, Beats Pill+ among others. These are for the audiophile guys. Great sound for all music genres. Also, multiple speakers can be interconnected to surround sound.