Last month Microsoft unveiled a beta version of its Edge web browser for iOS and Android and you had to sign up as a tester to use it. However, today the browser has been rolled out to the public meaning you can download it from the store.

You are probably asking yourself why you would use Microsoft Edge more so on your phone but there is some good to it. Microsoft Edge for mobile is mainly useful if you tend to resume a lot of browsing from a phone to a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft has integrated its “continue on PC” functionality directly into Edge for iOS and Android, so you can ping a site over to your PC if it’s just not loading properly on mobile or you want to continue with a mouse and keyboard. Edge also includes access to favorites, history, reading list, and ebooks. Sadly, Microsoft still hasn’t added tab syncing to Edge for mobile, so you can’t share tabs or history between PC and phone.

Microsoft intends to support tab syncing and the iPad in the future, but both features probably won’t arrive until next year. Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android is available on Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.

Source: The Verge