It is no doubt Mobile Money is one of the wonder technologies to emerge out of Africa in the 21st Century, from simplicity to convenience of the platform. The services came and made a disruptive revolution in the money transaction business giving banks a run for their customers as almost every corner/street has an agent doing a transaction.

With new technology that emerges on a daily, the services come with an upgraded technical aspect of security, management and user experience the core characteristic any developer can’t fail to miss a detail on when making a system.

In the same enlightenment, we dissect a detailed piece on how you can best reset your mobile money pi when you happen to get locked out of your own account or simply you are a forgetful person. Or perhaps your mom in the village has forgotten the simple pin you gave her to help aid her simple financial woes and you would love to help her get another one (if you register the sim cards in your name).

Smart Pesa

Smart Pesa is a mobile money solution from Smart Telecom Uganda, they may not be much of a household name when it comes to providing this service. Their Pin reset procedures look a little simple when your sim card is fully registered with them ( National ID details and other particulars), you wouldn’t need it when it comes to resetting the pin. Nothing like default pin and you receive a message with your old pin requesting you to reset them with a new one of your choice. Pretty simple and direct as all you need is to call the customer care on 100.

Requirements needed

  • Fully registered line (National ID details and other particulars)
  • Call Customer care on 100
A Mobile Money user withdrawing money from an agent. Photo/Internet

Africell Money

Africell Uganda increasingly popular for their data bundles and more flexible voice packages but they also have a rather unpopular mobile money services with super friendly charges which only lacks customers for now.  Their pin reset procedures may not favour people in hard to reach places as it involves you physically going to their service shop to reset the pin. And the upside with it is, the reset is instant and your new pin starts to work immediately before you leave the shop.  Default Pin is 0000 when resetting.

Requirements needed

  • A National ID or any other form of valid Identification is accepted.
  • Go to any nearby Africell shop to initiate and verify your identity
  • Use Default pin 0000 to reset and set a new pin

Airtel Money

Airtel money is one of the widely used and popular mobile money services and many customers come with tighter security rules when it comes to vital issues like pin resetting. Anyway, there are a couple of options you can use to reset a pin, let’s start with the first option when you are fully registered for mobile money and haven’t used the service whatsoever or just taken over a year plus without using the platform.

When you type *185# or *165# you will be welcome with 2 options of entering your temp pin and resend temp pin, first resend the temp pin to your number and enter it to set for yourself a new pin. Remember the maximum number os using the temp pin options is only 3 times.

Alternatively, when you are a frequent customer and has just forgotten your PIN, you can go to *185#>option 9(my account)>option 7(PIN reset) and choose any of the options below to help your process of pin resetting and finish the process.

When all the above options have failed all you left with is to go to the service centre and here are the requirements you can walk with.

Requirements needed

  • National ID
  • Walk to any nearby shop to verify and Initiate the process

MTN Mobile Money

Here is the grand master of mobile money services in Uganda and their procedures of PIN reset is no joke. You have got to hit the service centre fully equipped to answer questions and carry yourself a National ID has it is a necessary requirement.

Alternatively you can call the customer care at 100 choose the option of speaking to one of the agents and request for a PIN reset, they will ask you to verify with your National ID number to confirm the identity and give you a 6 digit reference number to call back in case the default 12345 PIN doesn’t work in 24 hours.