Known for offering crazy and amazing discounts on prices, deals, and services, Coupon Book has broken the jinx and entered the digital space with an app which offers equally fine discounts on the go. Recently, Coupon Book East Africa rolled out an Android App to match the need of the ‘on the go’ experience on your Android-powered device to offer the same great offers.

While one may want to still go traditional and hold their book and keep plucking out page by page every when they need to redeem their discounts, you, on the other hand, can simply download the app and still use the very discounts directly on your mobile.

What’s in the App

The app dubbed “CouponBook EA” will only consume 7.52MB of your ROM space after installing it from the google play store. It doesn’t come with any irregularities when downloading all the way to signing in. Once you got the app, navigation comes in easily and the fonts are pretty much big and visible to users.

The CouponBook EA app comes with 8 categories to choose from which include; Events and Entertainment, Food and Beverages, Home and Office, Lifestyle and Fitness, Professional Services, Salon, Spa and Beauty Care, Style, Fashion and Clothing, Travel and Accommodation. The layout of the categories is placed in a 2×4 grid that enhances your navigation to make it smooth.

On the left upper corner of the app, the menu button is embroidered there with the Home, Subscribe, History, My account, Feedback, About App, Terms and Conditions buttons. Using the app, you can subscribe and get a Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership for 3, 6 and 12 months respectively for UGX 30,000, UGX 55,000 and UGX 85,000 respectively.

How to Use the App

When you click any category of your choice, you are then presented with a variety of choices with their respective discounts to choose from. If you wanted to catch a movie at Century Cinemax on a random day, you simply open up your app, Choose the “Events and Entertainment” option, choose ‘Century Cinemax’ and then redeem your coupon. The vendor then has to enter their code to activate the code. You can only redeem your code once.


The Uganda coupon book is a smart marketing tool for vendors looking to connect directly with their target clientele. CouponBook allows a merchant’s brand visibility to grow and they offer a one-stop shop for all the best offers from your favorite places!

While we have seen many people gather and collect many Coupon Books to enjoy offers as much as they can, a possible and evident loophole is that they risk having many fake accounts opened by people who want more and more discount offers. However, the addition of an app makes it smooth, smart and swift for all end users.