As Uganda turned 55 years on Monday, the tech space too had something to celebrate about with the breakthrough of various start-ups into household names in the Ugandan entrepreneurship eco-system.

Not new to the ears of many by now, SafeBoda is one of the start-ups that will go down in the 2017 history as a major breakthrough in the Ugandan tech and entrepreneurship space. Although the startup has been around since 2015, it has risen to the strides this year and has been to many podiums of great recognition and featured in both local international media for its epic rise.

Pundits affirm that the rise of SafeBoda could be the reason the word Boda Boda finally got itself a name and meaning in the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary.

SafeBoda, in a nutshell, is a community of entrepreneurs and Boda-Boda drivers working together to improve professional standards across the urban transportation industry in Africa. Using their mobile application provides fast, convenient and fairly-priced transportation at the click of a button.

From updating their Android app to introducing cashless rides to introducing the iOS app, SafeBoda is proud to add their new service ,SafeBoda for Business a corporate service which allows businesses to take cashless, on-demand trips and receive a single ride report and invoice at the end of each month.

In other words, you ride all you want and you are sent a report at the end of the month along with your invoice and you simply pay up. Okay, where are my corporate folks on this one?

Why SafeBoda For Business?

You may wonder why you may need to take the rides and pay at the end of the month in a rather massape swag but I would rather you take up SafeBoda for Business for purpose of convenience and keep track of your transport expenditure. More to that, SafeBoda for Business is meant to promote professional, accountable and cashless Bodaboda transportation for companies.

Its meant to avoid the stress of employers having to issue out money to employees every time one is stepping out (which we all know is tiresome and the money is less accounted for as 99% of none SafeBoda riders are unable to provide receipts on top of having a different charge per customer).

SafeBoda for business is mainly targeting the companies that have employees who normally go out to the field; these could be messengers, salespeople or any other employee who is on the move or gets out of office a couple of times a week.  

How does SafeBoda For Business work?

For one to be able to Use SafeBoda for Business, First, the company needs to have the employees that will be using SafeBoda for business signed up on SafeBoda App.

The interested company is then given a free trial period which could last 2-3 days or even a week depending on the usage of the free trial credit.

Credits meant to be topped up monthly/weekly are agreed upon between the client and the SafeBoda team.

The company then signs a contract/MOU valid for 3 months (always renewable)

Depending on what’s agreed upon, an invoice is provided with a detailed report of the trips taken. However, The amount invoiced is relative to the trips taken/amount used and not the Credits topped up hence, if fewer trips are taken, the remaining credit is carried on accordingly and not billed.