The “King of the Bundles” Africell Uganda took to the streets of Mbale Town this morning to launch their new Voice bundles dubbed “Paka Boom”. Paka Boom is Africell’s cheap and affordable bundles offer that they have rolled out as well this year.

Paka Boom is a flexible package which comes in three different ways you can enjoy, 3 Minutes for 100UGX, 10 Minutes @250UGX and finally 25 Minutes @ 500UGX. To get Paka Boom, you simply Dial * 134* 2#  and follow prompts to get to enjoy this offer.

Giving you a whooping 25 Minutes for 500UGX, this arguably could be the cheapest Voice bundle on the market currently and doesn’t deplete overnight.

However, the word “Paka” in reference to prolonged talk or bundle usuage by telecoms is not something we are alien to. It should be noted that term has been used before by Airtel and MTN and is simply being recycled by Africell.

Africell has relentlessly rolled out more and more strategies of cost cutting in a bid to get customers to start using their Voice Bundles and get more registered people on the network.