The Up Accelerate cohort of four (4) high-potential social entrepreneur teams, who have undergone intense business training, mentorship, technical guidance and seed funding to enable their products and ideas grow and deploy to the market will finally showcase their progress demo day on 5th October 2017 at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

Up Accelerate a UNFPA Innovation Accelerator, an initiative of the UNFPA Regional Office for East and Southern Africa that seeks to accelerate youth-led social enterprises focusing on Sexual and Reproductive Health is set to have it’s Demo Day that will have Four teams showcase the progress of their work.  

Fourteen entrepreneurs participated in the second cycle of Up Accelerate acceleration program, which supports young people that are addressing challenges in sexual reproductive health with mentorship, seed funding, business training and technical guidance. The goal was to help them build the product and deploy it to market within four months.

These represent some of the greatest ideas from young social entrepreneurs solving some of the most challenging sexual reproductive health problems faced in their own communities. The teams were addressing challenges in how to improve access to maternal health supplies and medicines, and how data may be used to improve healthcare planning, monitoring and service delivery.

The participants — that typically consist of undergraduate students and some industry practitioners have had the opportunity to step out of their daily grind to reexamine everything from prototyping to product design among others. The Teams are;

Ecosmart pad

The eco-smart pad recycles sugarcane bagasse collected from sugar factories and uses it to make biodegradable pads. These pads are expected to be sold at half the price of the existing pads on the market.


IDrain is an improved chest drainage system that removes the pleural accumulation in patients (new mothers), With this improved solution they believe every mother who has had this kind of complication due to a surgical procedure will have access to improved surgical tools to help them manage the condition better.


Mscan, an ultrasonic probe, and software that will support ultrasound scanning in low-resource areas so as to address the problem of inadequate ultrasound services for expecting mothers. This innovation is driven by challenges the team witnessed in the local health centers they were posted in.


DigiHealth is a web-based platform/mobile app to help address the problem of manual patient data collection. It seeks to digitize this process for the users (i.e. medical professionals who conduct outreaches in the field) so that the data collected is accurate, secure and easily transferred onto the hospital database.

These participating teams are solving challenges that have been identified through validation workshops conducted with industry stakeholders that include NGOs, the private sector, entrepreneurs, and donors. The challenges include: Improving access to essential medicines and health supplies in maternal health, and the use of data to improve healthcare planning, delivery, and monitoring.

Source: Outbox