On the fast move today, the feel and groove that is online creates more hype and FOMO than most stuff that happens offline. If you are keen, whatever is offline somewhat or always makes it’s way online and whatever is online makes its way offline with an even bigger buzz. Is this confusing? Okay yeah, the whole point here is the fun is alway glued and filled if you are online.

It’s in that sense that telcos are giving their customer’s so much power to harness the potential of the fun that online has to offer. Vodafone on the forefront has introduced ZagaLife promo with a thing for social media freaks and those that want to always add let’s google’ as a final basis of their arguments.

First things First, Vodafone’s ZagaLife promotion is giving you free WhatsApp for a whole year and 100MB daily for the next 3 months! For only Ugx 90,000, Vodafone Uganda is giving you a 4G LTE MiFi device which connects up to 10 devices at ago (smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops) and 8 hours of battery life.

Furthermore, they are giving you a tune of up to 1GB of high speed uncapped data valid for 30 days, Free 100MB every day for the next 3 months and Free WhatsApp for 1 year. When one purchases the Vodafone ZagaMix MiFi, they purchase come along with 1GB data valid for 30 days and only customers that have purchased ZagaMix are eligible for daily free bundles.

With this offer, the fun that is always on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your WhatsApp group will always be something you’ll look out for and never miss. If you are to settle and argument using ‘google’, you come off as the smart chap because the speeds from Vodafone are impressive. However, Customers will receive the free daily bundles only if they have an active bundle running. The free extra data is valid for 24hours and will not be carried forward but the good news is that the Free extra data will be used up first before the active bundle on the customer’s account.

How to get/Where to buy ZagaLife Offer

If you are interested in being part of the ZagaLife trend, You can get the ZagaLife MiFi at any of the Vodafone stores and fully get enjoying an offer this amazing. Use the store locator to find the store nearest to you. Or visit the Vodafone Uganda official website and while there you might chance on even more amazing offers to take home with you.