You have seen them; you are probably one of them. They are kings and queens. We are not so clear about their monarchies and reigns but we know them for their royalty. They own the show. They run the town. They move the wave. They serve the sauce. You cannot possibly miss them. If you are one of them, you are reading this from one of the most important gadgets that make you a king or queen.

Hold up, let me level with the guys at the back. Today we skip the literal meaning of the word “slay”. So do not bring your dictionary to the bar. We are talking gadgets today. The ones that qualify one to be a slayer. A king, or her majesty.

I have come to believe that without an iPhone, you cannot successfully slay.  And no, the iPhone 4 you bought years ago does not count anymore. To slay, you need to be up to date, with the wave. This means basically, each new iPhone release has to be in your pockets before the next. We don’t want to know how you achieve this but it is a must have. This crowns both queens and kings.

Shades are usually cool additions to one’s smart outfit, but to be king or queen you have to be different. You are not one of your servants. You need more than just a pair. Why would you have only one when you can afford

Selfie stick. The perfect angles won’t find themselves when that selfie is being taken at the next social event where slaying is a must. People have to know that you were there and you slayed. So a selfie stick is a very important part of a slayer’s tool kit.

Power bank. Usually, the iPhone battery will not last you halfway through the show because you are constantly updating your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms as the night or say Blankets and Wine goes along. This brings the need for a power bank.

Phone charger. You are always the first person to find that socket at any location. You cannot be blamed though; we live in a world where the search for energy drives all humans. So you will own any 240v outlet when you get to a place, at a bar, the DJ might be fed up of the kings but a pretty slay queen will easily get her phone charged by the decks guy.

Anyway, here we are interested in the gadgets, regardless of whether you are a king or not. But how good is your appliance?

Written by Nick Kamugisha