Recently, I reviewed a smartphone that was not 4G compatible and this left me in total disarray and I kept on wondering why would one be deprived of a 4G internet connection and who doesn’t want a fast internet connection anyway?

In this age, day and era who still wants to have a slow connection when everything seems to be moving so fast, from the world, to the technology trends, to the developments and all the way to the fast internet. It’s key to note that having a 3G connection today is practically settling for less and mediocrity.

Vodafone Uganda whose marque is offering 4G LTE network recently rolled out a SIM card for someone like you or you in particular who has a compatible 4G phone, MiFi or Tablet. Dubbed the ZagaSIM, it’s an offer at a much lower price point than the full package which is ZagaLife but nonetheless something you should give a keen eye.

Vodafone Uganda’s Zagasim is a SIM card for customers that have not found it cool to always carry around a 4G MiFi so that they can use their internet or it’s also for the chaps who already have or do not need a MiFi but want to enjoy the ZagaLife offer on their smartphone/device.

The ZagaSIM gives you a ‘Zaga’ suave of 1GB valid for 30 days, free WhatsApp daily for 6 months and free 200MBs daily for 3 months, all for a discounted price of UGX50,000 only and yes, it’s here to give you a 4G LTE network.

Understanding the ZagaSim

The Zagasim is basically a little ‘gift of sorts from Vodafone Uganda to keep glued and connected to unprecedented 4G LTE Speeds around parts in Kampala, Entebbe, and Mukono without a MiFi but only your smartphone. The Simcard comes with 1GB when purchased and it’s valid 30 days.

Like as if that’s not enough, you are given 200MBs for 3 months which means every month you are a tune of 600MBs for the period if you have a running bundle( Remember this is a Must). TO juice this up as well, Vodafone is giving you  Free daily WhatsApp for 6 months. How great can that be?

Get yourself the Zagasim at any of the Vodafone stores and fully get enjoying an offer this amazing. Use the store locator to find the store nearest to you.