For a while now I have been skeptical about my phone selection and I have not known myself to be the type that is to go about the new trend in smartphones that come along almost on a daily. When I set out to make a phone selection, it’s based on a number of factors from price range to particular specs, camera quality and most importantly battery life.

With my attention span, most times glued on my phone basking in both work and leisure, I always find myself in dire need of battery life to continue with the cycle of my life. Ironic? Yeah right. I know a number of people that relate to this kind of life.

A few weeks ago, I had the honors of taking the Itel P51 on a ride and getting to feel what it had to offer to my smartphone addiction world. I was not disappointed owing to the fact it was promising me 3 days of usage on a single charge. A single Charge!

From a single charge, I would be able to surf the internet, make memes on social media and jibe with the Itel P51 amongst my folks without failing to shrug around any bit. I would wake up and take selfies without seeing the battery die out. I dreamt of the end of the times I had to camp at a charging spot to get some battery so that I can order my Uber back home, now with the Itel P51, that was no more. I would have a full charge even and still heavily use my phone with little worries.

Away from the dreams I had before I even lasted two hours with the Itel P51, I managed to have a fine feel of the 5.5-inch IPS Display, 720 x 1280 pixels (267 ppi) smartphone dangle from the palm of my hand and it’s sleek smooth background gave me quite a tickle. Here are a few first time core features you will spot when you lay your hands on the Itel P51 for the first time.

In your package……..

Like I said, the Itel P51 Comes in a 5.5-inch IPS Display, 720 x 1280 pixels (267 ppi) giving you a phablet feel but no it’s not a phablet and just not about to be put in the same categories as those of the Samsung Note Series. This right here is what you see when you break the void on the box after purchase. In the package, you are given a pair of headsets, a phone-case to protect the back of your phone, a USB cable and a plug to give you the mighty power charge.

What is it’s specs meanwhile?

Like the doubting Thomas, I was quick to rush to check out actual specifications of the Itel P51 even after reading some reviews about it online, I wasn’t just about to believe this without my hands on experience. However, I was impressed to find that it has 16GB Storage and allows up to 32GB memory card support, literally.  That means I can have as much data, photos, documents stored on my phone and basically have my work enhanced in rush hours when I can’t access my laptop or when I really don’t want to let my phone go. The storage bit wooed me.

Furthermore, my next intrigue was definitely in what this little baby monster had to offer when it came to phonography (Photography by a Phone) and I learned that the Itel P51 has an 8MP Rear Camera and a 2MP Front Camera. Okay, that’s not bad, at least from the feedback that I garnered from the folks that took selfies and photos with the ‘little monster’.

The Camera is just fine and can quickly optimize when there is full backlight to quickly focus on your object of focus. This here is what every phonography junkie needs every when they have a moment to capture the shot. The P51 also comes with a flash beside both the Rear Camera and the Front camera to allow you take shots even when it’s dark.

The Itel P51 is a dual Micro SIM enabled smartphone giving you the ability to use two networks on one smartphone however, it only allows up to 3G data connectivity something that the world is slowly moving away from. It’s a ‘setback’. The Simcard and memory card slots are at the Top of the phone rather than the usual side or bottom.

The Battery

This is the marque of the Itel P51. It boasts of a 5000 mAh Li-ion Battery that can take you up to a whopping three days on a single charge. Yes, the Itel P51 is promising to give you three days the of the battery running without bothering to charge again. Given my heavy smartphone use, I was able to take up-to 60hours of no charge but that was coupled heavy streaming on YouTube and multitasking the apps that could have drained my battery so fast. However, the battery life is something to reckon with when it comes to the Itel P51. On this one, they did a tremendous Job and will be darling non-heavy smartphone users.

Maybe that explains why it’s a little heavy in weight compared to the previous series.

Availability, Pricing and where to Buy from

 The Itel P51 is an affordable smartphone that promises outstanding battery stamina, the first in its MaxPower series. With a massive 5000 mAh battery, the entry-level 5.5-inch smartphone promises up to 3 days of use. Aside, the battery stamina, the Itel P51 is just another average entry-level smartphone and actually coming off at a cheap and affordable price. The Itel P51 in Uganda ranges from UGX 320,000 to UGX350,000 and is available at Itel Outlets around town or the head offices at Prism tower, Kampala Road.

The Itel P51 comes in various categories that include Streamer Gold, Crystal Gray, Mocha Gold and Elegant Blue

What we liked;

The Big Display

The Camera

The Battery Life

What we didn’t like;

The Weight,

Same Old Interface

Doesn’t support 4G Connectivity