Receiving mobile online payments in Africa has generally has not been straightforward for a while now. But this is no longer the case as several payment gateways are venturing into the continent and enabling online payment methods that are convenient and scalable.

After receiving an email from Mrs. Akii from Nigeria asked us to write a guide on how online merchants and sellers can receive payments. Here you go Mr. Juma.

So first things first you will need to setup an online store (here is a guide) and the choose a payment gateway that supports common payment methods in Nigeria. Mobile Money is big in Nigeria and for this guide I choose to use Dusupay as the payment gateway because of the diverse payment methods that it supports.

It is also important to get a gateway that enables you consolidate several payment methods to one wallet. Basically, you don’t have to get up multiple gateways for the different payment methods. Luckily Dusupay was the gateway I found most suitable.

Website owners and developers can now receive online payments in Nigeria following the launch of Dusupay. The platform is quite secure and this should be able to build trust amongst Nigerian business owners since it integrates security measures such as 3D Secure pay, SSL certificates and more. This payment gateway will enable Nigerian businesses to accept payments from;

  • Mobile money from networks all over Africa
  • VISA cards from Nigeria
  • Online banking terminals for banks with EU and Nigerian banks
  • And over 115 other global payment methods.

People in Nigeria can sign up for a Dusupay account on and register for merchant accounts and then enable online payments through the API or preconfigured plugins for wordpress and opencart. We even have a guide on how to integrate the payment solution into your website easily.

Businesses owners need to create merchant accounts where they will fill in the relevant business details, fill in an approval form and make a payment subscription to accept all payment methods. The Basic Merchant account is now free to all businesses.

After users receive their money online thru dusupay, they can cash out their funds through Mobile money or Business bank accounts in Nigeria. Dusupay also allows users send bulk payments / cashouts to multiple users at the same time.  

So how excited are you about receiving online payments in Nigeria?