For a while now, I have seen great hype from the lads that are behind the making of the Traffica, an app that enables you to share traffic Jam updates so as to get around Kampala easily whether you are in your car, taxi or on a Boda-Boda.

Don’t we all hate traffic Jam? Don’t we want to know the route that has not been clogged up by traffic because we want to beat time and avoid being late? Don’t we all want to show up for that meeting on time and won’t have to blame traffic? Well, there is an app for that. (I’m not talking to the folks that own cars only)

Traffica App has been developed by a team of young Ugandans called Great Minds to ease notifications on traffic updates as a way to share alerts and updates on the traffic situations around Kampala. (At least for now they are only based in Kampala).


According to the makers of Traffica app, it is an idea to have Ugandans share traffic Jam updates so as to get around Kampala easily whether you are in your car, taxi or on a Boda-Boda.

Traffica is more like a community pool initiative where users post, like and comment on traffic updates. The beauty of the app is that everyone that uses the app is your friend unlike on. The app also serves users with daily tips which range from road signs to car care. One can use the app in either Luganda or English. The makers promise to add more local languages in order to make it tailor based.

The English Translation to Luganda

A look at the App

When I downloaded the deep green app on my phone a few days back to have a look at what the lads at GreatMinds have to offer, I was a little impressed and enthusiastic with the idea that I am one of the folks that really hates bloody traffic, so most definitely I could use an alert any day. However, I wondered how the execution and data collection would be managed as this is one thing that entails as much data as possible.

Away from the Higihaga, the App has mainly three icons on immediate open and the notable one is the “Traffic Posts” where you are ushered to viewing the posts by different people using the app updating from various locations.

There is a ‘Feedback’ icon that is seeking for your opinions about the app and the user experience. Right below, there is a provision for advertisement. (Isn’t that so fast guys? Aren’t already telling us something?). The app also has an icon named ‘Tips’ where you will get all the tips on traffic and road safety.

The app gives you timely updates once you get it running and these keep on coming in momentarily

My say

The app, in my opinion, has somewhat been rushed and is devoid of important features that could make it any unique. The App is very light and occupies only 1.55Mbs of your phone space. The navigations are easy but the UI needs a little more work done to give it a catch.