If you are using a Modem or a USB connected device to access the internet, then it is probably high time you have to upgrade. True we loved them for their affordability cost but come on pal we are in the 21st century where technology change is almost a daily event and its’ ultimate goal is to make life easier. No, I’m not going to wail out a campaign on how MiFi’s are better or superior to USB Dongles but will shine a light of the few merits I enjoy while using my MiFi.

Well, leave alone the irony that I use a Mac Book Pro which happens to have only 1 USB port and I wouldn’t want to use that port for a Modem to access the internet so important point is you don’t have to plug it in your computer when using a MiFi and can get MiFi on the go for multiple devices or users. The beauty of a Mifi comes to the ability to charge it for use and to keep you connected to the internet when power is off- we can go on and on telling you the upsides but nothing beats experience and trying out think.

Once you reach a point where you want to get hold of one, the next big question which I’ll help ruminate and digest for you is which MiFi to buy and where to buy it from. They can be gotten from the usual telecom companies- MTN, Airtel, Africell, Vodafone, Smile and Tangerine all have MiFi’s with I wouldn’t say great data plan but affordable data offerings. Let me give you a re-assurance in case you still have any diminutive doubts MiFi’s. Here are some low-budget offers on Internet from telecoms;

Smile Communication Uganda

Smile Telecoms serves arguably some of the finest 4G LTE speeds they provide.  
The Smile Uganda MiFi 4 goes for the price of Ugx 149,000 and comes with 3GB of data valid for 30 days. MiFi 4 connects 10 devices simultaneously so take on your Wi-Fi hotspot with you everywhere you go and have a battery use of up to 10 hours of usage time.
Before you purchase this MiFi, you want to verify if they have coverage in your area. The Smile 4G MiFi can be purchased at any of the Smile Uganda shops.

Tangerine Uganda:

Tangerine is popular among Ugandans because of the favorable data plan they offer i.e. 15GB for a month at only 50,000UGX. The new comer is almost what everyone is talking about and how cool the 4G network is but it is available for use in Kampala, Mukono, and Entebbe only.

The new Chinese-made MiFi comes with 3000mAh battery at a price of UGX 150,000 with 30GB free data valid for 3 months (You are given 10Gbs every month). The MiFi can at least last for 5-6 hours of usage when fully charged.

Vodafone Uganda:

Vodafone’s Zaga Mix Promotional MiFi which is their latest offer goes for UGX 125,000 and comes with 1GB free data with additional 200mbs daily for 3 months and free WhatsApp daily data for 6 months.  Before you purchase this MiFi, you want to verify if they have coverage in your area. The Vodafone Uganda 4G MiFi can be purchased at any Vodafone Uganda shops and dealers.

Africell Uganda

Africell Uganda also has a couple of MiFi’s and the one that stands out is the Huawei E5377 4G LTE router that comes with 5GB of data for 1 months at the price of Ugx 149,000. Once again in comparison to what the competition is offering, this is a fair price and couple the fact of Airtel being the king of the data bundles I highly recommend. The Africell 4G MiFi can purchase at any of the Africell shops countrywide.

MTN Uganda

MTN Uganda currently has the Huawei E5573 MiFi and gives you up-to 42Mbps 4G (LTE) connectivity to keep you online depending on which offer you take on. Whether it is business or personal, with MTN Uganda, find it on your phone for an MTN Mobile Internet bundle. It comes with 10GB of data valid for a month at a price of UGX 179,000.

MTN Mifi/Photo: Techjaja