One of the craziest ironies today is that not so many people know that the “the internet was made to save time.” Isn’t that ironic? Right! Initially, the internet was created for the most basic reasons and majorly one of which was to SAVE TIME!! Time, the one thing we have the most scarcity of as humans. Or maybe we just assume importance and superiority that we want to blame the universe for our shortcomings. I mean do you think the universe was at fault for providing us with the time we have? Was it on purpose that time would be limited on for the Homo sapiens?

We shall get to that another time; today, let’s re-evaluate how much we have abused the internet. It is 2017, the internet is a massive “basic need”. I personally cannot imagine living without having a connection to the world. Another irony here, the internet was created as a networking platform for people. I wonder how many of us are actually connected to fellow people or to avatars and imposed profiles.

We were supposed to use the grid to do important things like send emails and do work and other important things that you and I do not use the web for. Well, why bother when you can spend 25 of the 24 hours “roasting” and laughing at each other on social media. Mainly we just do the most irrelevant stuff on the platforms that we can access more readily and it got me wondering, why is it so hard to do the right thing and yet so easy to do the wrong things? How and why do we choose to do the most on the wrong side of the scale?

As I type this out, I could think of so many other important things I would and should have done with the time I have on my hands, but I won’t do them and I won’t feel guilty about it till maybe later when I have run out of the one resource I already know is scarce and most expensive, TIME!  And I know I’m not the only one that relates to this.

There are plenty of folks that got the memo early and they are using their resources subjectively here on the internet. They are the ones who have handled this equation in a balanced way. The purpose of this post is to remind each other of the actual use of the internet. If it isn’t building you in some way, then you’re probably doing it wrong just like most of the users.  Just think about it and see, you would be surprised at how useful this tool is and how much it will save your time than actually waste it. Time is money so they say. Let me save some of your money now and stop here.

This blog post was written by Nick Kamugisha