This year has really been a hard drift for Pepsi and the brand is still struggling, at least in Uganda. Just months after the Company suffered a PR saga after the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial that sparked hatred and the Company suffered a backlash from fans all over the world forcing the ad to be pulled, Pepsi in Uganda suffered another mishap.

One of Pepsi’s flagship brands Mountain Dew was seen battling Harris International’s (Riham) Sky View as the adverts looked alike, and so did they taste alike which caused a lot of confusion among the consumers of Pepsi’s Mountain dew although no charges were pressed.

Now, Crown Beverages (Pepsi) in Uganda is facing another challenge after their website got hacked by NorilaClasse. NorilaClasse is a group of hackers alleged to be from Algeria who post exploits of popular content management systems on their social media pages.

As I was checking the Pepsi Uganda website (, for some information regarding their drinks, we found out that a segment of the website had been hacked. The hack is mainly based in their News sections.  We reached out to Mutamuliza Liz, the PR of Crown Beverages who told us she wasn’t aware of the hack and will respond to us when she has more details.

Will Pepsi (Crown Beverages) survive this year in a market where everything seems volatile? Anyhow, it’s high time developers and website designers in Uganda became wary of hackers in a bid to protect their clients from embarrassment.