Ugandans may soon be compelled to own a Uganda Telecom (UTL) line just like having the National ID,Minister Evelyn Anite says.

During the launch of the Uganda Telecom annual Blood Donation drive, The State Minister of Finance for Investment and Privatisation Hon Minister Evelyn Anite noted that soon, every Ugandan shall be required to own a Uganda Telecom simcard as a must in order to re-awaken the “fallen giant telecommunication”

The minister further added, “On top of every Ugandan owning a national ID, every Ugandan should own a Uganda Telecom simcard as a mandate in order to help the sinking Telecom”

Uganda Telecom has been in a serious crisis and needs over 2billion to be brought back to its feet. Will this suggestion by the Minister be viable or it’s one of those jokes?

  • Mwebembezi Dennis

    So, how will that save a ship that sank long ago