Mobile based apps are on a rampage that for sure is something you can’t deny judging from the way they spring out from each and every corner. Apps solving problems ranging from health, financial inclusion, education, money remittances, security et al. But in all these apps, what stands out for it to the trust and get thousands and millions of downloads off the app store? We look at very many factors to come to that single conclusion but I guess that’s a top for another day.  

Apps have always been known for having the ability to multitask and do as many things in one go without a haggle or hustle. For Poketi, its intentions are to probably multi-task twice more than most apps basing on a critical look at it.

POKETI is a Mobile Platform Access (MPA) and USSD based application that eliminates borders between Telecom companies to enable users to conveniently buy airtime, send and receive money across all networks in Uganda. The entire segmented payments market in East Africa alone is valued at about 389,636,366 USD for just one single transaction. Poketi intends to push for accumulation over 60% of that market share in the first 5 years, which is valued at 248,450,000 USD in just one single transaction of the entire payments market in East Africa.

Poketi aims at making it easy for you to transact as smoothly as you can from anywhere by simply using your phone. If you have MTN Mobile money and you want to buy Airtel airtime on your other phone, or you want to withdraw Airtel money but the vendor only has MTN Airtime, Poketi makes it possible for you to buy yourself airtime even in such scenarios.

A Critical look at the Poketi App

When you tap the little wallet-like icon on your phone, you are ushered into Poketi, a green app with bold and even bigger icons with large wording. The app is easy to navigate and clearly bold with six gigantic icons on the homepage of the different services that the app offers. The icons representing the services the app offers include; The Buy Airtime, Mobile Money, Remittances, Saccos, Payments and My Poketi.

When you tap the “Buy Airtime” icon, you are simply directed to a page that allows you to punch in the amount of airtime you want to buy, the number you are the buying the airtime for and then you simply hit the send button. It’s as simple as that.

The Mobile Money icon when tapped gives you two options; The Send and Withdraw options. Depending on which transaction you want to undertake, the page gives you a smooth procedure to take on whatever step you intend on taking.

You can also do Remittances from the Poketi app with its dedicated icon. The App also has a provision for Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO) where users can make it as a pool to collect and save funds on the app.To receive money from abroad instantly on mobile money on any network SACCO members can be able to deposit, withdraw, check the balance and all major SACCO. Now that’s cool. However, when we tried out the feature, it was unreachable meaning it’s still being tested.

Like Majority apps that enable payments and more, The Poketi app enables you to also pay Your Utility bills directly from the app when you tap the ‘Payments’ icon. There are ‘Bill Payments’ and Merchant Payments’ depending on which kind of user you are. (You could be both).

The ‘My Poketi’ icon the last icon which is also the most interesting one is the backbone of the app to the user. My Poketi is in your pocket that allows and determines whether you can do a transaction or not. It’s from here that you will check your account balance, have all your merchant statements, do all Transfers and the most interesting bit is ‘Global Airtime.

Yes! You can buy any Airtime from any country of the world from wherever you are using Poketi. The option allows you purchase any airtime from any country without any need of scratchcard or restrictions whatsoever. All you have to do is choose your country and guy your Airtime smoothly.

On the top right corner of the app, there is an icon that will take you to a detailed page with content about Poketi if you are a first time, users. The Terms and Conditions, About Us, Support, Help and the Settings that are your gateway to enjoying what the app has to offer.

What did we like and what didn’t we like?

The app is very smooth and easy to navigate and the icons look very big, bold and clear for any user that may have sight issues. That is something you will fall in love with. However, we didn’t like the Sacco bit that kept going off and wasn’t running.

Currently, at 500 Downloads on the google play store, you can download the Poketi app for free here